Interview 40. – Richard McDougall

One of the founding magicians of Breathe Magic, Richard is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and a former World Open Champion for Close-Up Magic. He performs for private and corporate clients worldwide and feels fortunate to have appeared at several events hosted by HM The Queen, including a private party to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, which was attended by forty Kings and Queens. He has also created magic for other performers, most notably a Derren Brown TV show which won the Silver Rose of Montreux.

Interview 38. – Lise Lesaffre

Lise is exploring magic, not that much in practice, but from a cognitive experimental perspective. Her PhD project is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (supervisor Christine Mohr, co-supervisor Gustav Kuhn). In this project, the team investigates how experiencing an “impossible event” can affect people’s magical beliefs and associated cognitive biases (e.g. appreciation of chance). Lise is majorly responsible for developing an innovative design and methodology to investigate people's beliefs, using specific psychic demonstrations, and cognitive measures. She is also interested in the definition, perception and interpretation of magic in various populations (i.e. children, adults, and particular patient populations).

Interview 28. – Alice Pailhès

Ph.D student and Associate lecturer in the Psychology of Magic at Goldsmiths University, London. She studies how unconscious influences shape our choices and the illusion of free will with the help of a magician's technique known as 'forcing'.

Interview 27. – Jeff McBride

A foremost innovator and among magic's most exciting performers, Jeff McBride combines mask, martial arts, kabuki theatre, world class sleight-of-hand, myths & stories from around the world, grand illusion - and more - to create electrifying performances that thrill a wide range of audiences. Founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School, McBride is an accomplished creative consultant, teacher and lecturer, in addition to his amazing capabilities as a performer.

Interview 20. – Mark Shortland

Mark is one of the top stand-up and cabaret magicians in the UK, primarily performing around the world on the top cruise lines. However, he has a secret, he doesn’t just work on the ships!! Not only does Mark perform his unique comedy magic show at private functions all around the UK, he is also one of the most entertaining and skilled close-up performers in the country today.

Mark Setteducati – magical inventor (#19)

Magician and Inventor of games, puzzles and magic. Companies worldwide have marketed over fifty of his creations, including "Magic Works", "Jigazo Puzzle" and "Rubik's Game". He is the Author of "The Magic Show", an interactive book of magic published by Workman Publishing. In 2014 the Academy of Magical Arts awarded Setteducati a Creative Fellowship and honorary lifetime membership to The Magic Castle.

John Archer – comedy magic (#15)

The first man to fool Penn & Teller on ITV’s “Penn & Teller - Fool Us”. A  past winner of the ‘Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year’ and certainly one of the best comedy magicians in the UK today. Comedian, magician, actor, singer, musician, writer.

Stuart Nolan – deceptive technology (#13)

Unique performances that combine traditional disciplines of impossibility with original research into how we are deceived by language and gesture. Consulting, training, and facilitation. Mostly in technology development, tricky thinking, physical deception, attention control, and impossible innovation.

Edward Hilsum – stage magician (#12)

Edward Hilsum is the current Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year. Obsessed with puzzles and making things from a very early age, Edward's natural desire to understand how illusions work, led him to magic and a first-class degree in Psychology. Through his work with his production company Love Variety, he is fast establishing himself as a sought-after writer and theatrical director.

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