Interview 23. – Joel Wilson

A writer, a dad, a rapper and a filmmaker. He’s also staged live music, dance and theatre performances. His current day job involves graphic design, photography, journalistic writing and meeting wonderful people in and around Birmingham, UK.

Dr Marty Jopson – TV science presenter (#4)

Dr. Marty Jopson is an accomplished scientist. Although he has a PhD in plant cell biology and a Natural Sciences (Botany) degree from Cambridge university, he is comfortable explaining the whole gamut of scientific subjects. He has been involved in making science television programmes for over twenty years. In that time he has worked extensively behind the camera but also in front as the long standing (8 years +) science presenter on the BBC1 flagship programme, The One Show. When not on television, Marty performs his distinct brand of much acclaimed, hair-raising and flammable science on stage at science festivals around the country. He is the author of two popular books on “The Science of Everyday Life” and “The Science of Food”.

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