Interview 23. – Joel Wilson

A writer, a dad, a rapper and a filmmaker. He’s also staged live music, dance and theatre performances. His current day job involves graphic design, photography, journalistic writing and meeting wonderful people in and around Birmingham, UK.

Interview 22. – Alastair Gordon

London based artist. Central to his practice is the notion of a painting as a cultural artefact. At first these are paintings about paintings: images that oscillate between artefact and artifice. Notions of authenticity lie at the heart of his artistic enquiry. Currently course leader for Critical and Professional Development at Leith School of Art, Edinburgh and graduate workshops at Wimbledon School of Art, London.

Hana Ayoob – science illustrator (#16)

Creative producer of science events, science communicator and illustrator. She’s particularly interested in the intersection between art and science, and is passionate about bringing people together to explore the world around them.  A co-founder of Minorities in STEM, a UK network to support and showcase BAME individuals working and studying in STEM fields. Her illustration style brings together traditional Indian mandalas and other patterns, with a love of anatomy and the weirder animals we share our planet with.

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