Tiu de Haan – idea doula (#129)


Tiu de Haan is an Oxford-educated creative facilitator, imaginative mentor and ritual designer, specializing in reminding people how to shift their perspective to see the magic in the mundane. Her talks, workshops and unique curated experiential adventures are all about creating moments of meaning that connect us to ourselves, each other, and our own creativity.

She has worked with Google, the World Economic Foundation, L’Oreal and the UN, and collaborates with world-leading neuroscientists, quantum physicists and chemists to create experiences that wake up our sense of wonder.

She is also consults for global brands on rituals for beauty, food and wellbeing, as well as creating bespoke rituals for times of transition for individuals, communities and organizational change. Her Tedx talk ‘why we still need ritual’ is about the art of celebrating the transitions of life, love and death and has had over 20k views.

Twitter: @tiudehaan

Instagram: @tiudehaan1

Website: www.tiudehaan.com

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