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The Words on Wonder concept is simple, I interview a host of creatives, magicians and scientists about their work and how they cultivate & share wonder. They are all people who have inspired me in my own work or just made me go “Wow!

A particular emphasis is on magic and science as they have been two of my passions for the last 27 years. Some people will say that magic and science are diametrically opposed but I believe they both share a common sense of wonder and a desire to explore the limits of nature. In addition to this, in recent years there has been an explosion of interest in the psychology behind magic, in these pages you will meet some of the practitioners at the vanguard of this flourishing subject.

Interspersed are contributions from philosophers and theologians because a topic like wonder leads to big questions about origins and meaning. I believe wonder should be both playful and provocative – it’s not a static enjoyment you observe from a safe distance but an adventure into the deep.

I hope in these interviews you can find both inspiration and challenge. You can approach this project by a number of routes: read an interview a day, pick a topic that you’re curious about, or even pick a number at random then click the index here to see who you should read.

I’d love to hear what struck you by my guests’ responses and how you’d like the project to develop. Please contact me here.

If you’ve found the interviews valuable, you can say a little thank you and contribute to the costs of running the project by donating through my Ko-fi.com page. Thanks.

Dr Matt Pritchard – The Science Magician

PS. You can read about my own thoughts here in this special centenary interview where past guests ask me their questions.

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