Interview 40. – Richard McDougall

One of the founding magicians of Breathe Magic, Richard is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and a former World Open Champion for Close-Up Magic. He performs for private and corporate clients worldwide and feels fortunate to have appeared at several events hosted by HM The Queen, including a private party to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, which was attended by forty Kings and Queens. He has also created magic for other performers, most notably a Derren Brown TV show which won the Silver Rose of Montreux.

Interview 39. – Dr James Grime

James Grime is a mathematician, presenter and public speaker. James has a PhD in mathematics but now spends most of his time travelling the UK and the world giving talks about mathematics. In particular James is known for his talks about the mathematics of codes and code breaking. James is also a presenter on the popular YouTube channel numberphile, which started in 2011 and now has over 2.5 million subscribers and viewers around the world.

Interview 38. – Lise Lesaffre

Lise is exploring magic, not that much in practice, but from a cognitive experimental perspective. Her PhD project is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (supervisor Christine Mohr, co-supervisor Gustav Kuhn). In this project, the team investigates how experiencing an “impossible event” can affect people’s magical beliefs and associated cognitive biases (e.g. appreciation of chance). Lise is majorly responsible for developing an innovative design and methodology to investigate people's beliefs, using specific psychic demonstrations, and cognitive measures. She is also interested in the definition, perception and interpretation of magic in various populations (i.e. children, adults, and particular patient populations).

Interview 37. – Dr Ken Farquhar

Dr Ken perfected his skills as a science presenter by working as a street performer, mime, school teacher and in television production. He has toured his shows and workshops in schools, science and arts festivals worldwide. He creates inspirational shows and workshops for schools at all levels and delivers development programmes for educational professionals, academics and businesses. He is currently an honorary lecturer in science communication at the University of East Anglia.

Interview 36. – Renee Watson

Renee loves explosive ideas and is partial to a flashy science show. If she isn't up to her eyes experimenting or in a school making kids go Wow! she can be found on her soapbox about science being for everyone! Renee trained as a Biochemist before setting up WATS.ON. She ran the Oxford Science Festival and is the founder of The Curiosity Box, a STEM community and subscription for families. 

Interview 35. – Janice Connolly

Actress, comedian and artistic director. She runs the Birmingham-based group Women and Theatre, and performs stand-up comedy as her character "Mrs Barbara Nice". She has also appeared in several TV shows including Coronation Street and Phoenix Nights.

Interview 34. – Dr Rob Nash

Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Aston University in Birmingham. He conducts research on memory and cognition, focusing particularly on understanding factors that bias our memories, or that lead us to remember past events incorrectly. 

Interview 33. – Prof. John Bryant

Biologist based at Exeter University with many years of experience in research on the biochemistry of genes. He introduced one of the first bioethics courses for biology students in a UK university and runs workshops for biologists on teaching ethics. John loves mountains, marshes and other wild places and enjoys bird-watching. He is a keen runner, a Bob Dylan fan and supports Crystal Palace football club.

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