About the Project

The concept is simple, I interview a host of creatives, magicians and scientists about how they cultivate and share wonder. They are all people who have inspired me in my own work or just made me go “wow”. A particular emphasis is on magic and the science behind it as that has been one of my passions for the last 27 years.

The first 7 questions are pretty much the same for everyone, the last 3 are customised to the interviewee. The project started at the beginning of Sept 2018 and is still in development as the first batch of replies come through. Watch this space.

Along the way I’ll be sharing my personal reflections after each set of 6 interviews plus a few bonus short posts. I’d love to hear what struck you by my guests’ responses and how you’d like the project to develop. You can contact me here.

Dr Matt Pritchard – The Science Magician

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